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Understanding the root cause of your symptoms is the cornerstone of my philosophy.

In addition to looking at past health issues, your symptoms, lifestyle and diet, testing can help me target and address your underlying problems.

I use Kinesiology* testing to help identify nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities. I may also use the following laboratory tests.

Blood Tests
Food Allergy/Intolerance£160 to £300*
IgE Inhalants (pollens, grasses, house dust mites)£154
Cardiovascular Review£140 to £500*
Thyroid Profiles£60 to £150*
Urine Tests
Chronic Fatigue Screen£250
Urine Thyroid Hormones (T3/T4)£104
ONE – Optimum Nutrition Evaluation£312
Osteoporosis Risk Assessment£73
Toxic Element Clearance£78
Saliva Tests
Female Hormone Panel£165 to £209*
Adrenal Stress Profile£70 to £100*
Menopause£259 to £367
Stool Tests
Candida, Dysbiosis, Irritable Bowel£146 to £277*
Hair Tests
Hair Mineral£65

*Kinesiology Testing  

Using Kinesiology to address nutritional imbalances is an effective and non-invasive technique to determine food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies e.g. vitamins and minerals. I use this method to help gain an overall insight into your nutritional needs, always aiming to achieve optimum health.

By placing a limb, usually an arm, in a particular position it is possible to isolate an individual muscle, to test and monitor its response by applying some gentle pressure. The normal response is that the muscle will lock; if the muscle weakens and gives way then it indicates a disturbance of energy. If this happens in the presence of a food, then this may indicate sensitivity to that food.

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Specific results are not guaranteed. Results of each nutrition programme may vary.