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Corporate Services & Tailored Seminars

Corporate Nutrition Programme

Corporate Services

With 15 years in the IT corporate sector working in various management roles, I know that when the staff look, think and feel better, both the employer and the employee benefits. It’s a win-win situation!

I offer a range of services specifically designed to enhance employee health and wellbeing. The programmes below are designed for business groups of 10 or more, but they can be customised to suit individual requirements.

Services include:

  • Employee wellbeing consultation programmes
  • Executive health and nutrition “MOT” packages
  • Seminars, talks and workshops
  • Stress management programmes
  • Long-term sick employee rehabilitation
  • Staff restaurant nutritional review and menu planning

Tailored Seminars

If your group or organisation would like to understand more about any aspect of nutrition and the benefits of healthy eating, I can develop a talk or seminar geared to your particular interest. I have presented to groups and organisations across all sectors on a range of nutrition-related topics including:

  • Sports nutrition for rugby players
  • Healthy eating and cooking for coeliacs
  • Nutritional Therapy and how it can help Parkinson’s disease
  • Healthy eating and menu planning
  • Stress management
  • Female health and nutrition
  • The importance of digestive health
  • Healthy Heart and cholesterol
  • Energy and resilience

I have first-hand experience of high pressured, stressful roles. I know about the difficulties of re-integrating employees returning to the work environment, after long-term sickness. I use this experience to develop, present and deliver effective, targeted programmes and seminars in the corporate sector.

I have worked with a number of executives on a one to one basis to help improve their weight, health, energy and resilience. This has helped them perform better in business.

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Specific results are not guaranteed. Results of each nutrition programme may vary.